CuroGyn’s Urology and Gynecology products provide urologists, gynecologists, and associated physicians with minimally invasive, and therapeutic interventions for a wide range of urologic and gynecologic procedures. 

Our innovative and organically developed portfolio of products offers the physician a safe, efficient, and precise approach to accessing, imaging, and measuring a wide range of challenging anatomies and pathologies as well as expanding their diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities.  In addition to these benefits to the physician, CuroGyn is extremely sensitive to optimizing patient care and outcome. 

As a result, each product is designed with the objective that each patient regardless of surgical or procedural site, will promote reduced diagnostic/operative time, minimized pain, and accelerated recovery time.  Lastly, CuroGyn has created an economic model where the cost of acquisition, usage, and disposal ultimately lowers the cost of delivery of healthcare.  This economic model extends as well to rural, remote geographic areas (e.g., indigent populations, mountainous regions, etc.) and mobile environments (e.g., battlefields, etc.) where access to high-quality healthcare is virtually non-existent.

These benefits are made possible by the groundbreaking designs CuroGyn has developed for the Urology and Gynecology specialties as described below.

  • Simple, high-quality, and compact visualization platform
  • User-friendly instrumentation design
  • Turn-key, kit-based product offering
  • Interchangeable and universal equipment configurations
  • Optimized anatomical designs
  • Economically priced product offering

CuroGyn’s mission is to ensure as many people as possible around the globe have access to high-quality healthcare while limiting healthcare costs and ensuring total patient satisfaction.