Gynecological minimally invasive surgical (MIS) products and the MIS products in Endourology (the segment of Urology managing kidney stones) when combined, are projected to generate approximately $1.24B in device sales in the U.S. by 2017.  By 2022, sales are estimated to increase to $1.37B.  CuroGyn’s initial products will be devoted to capitalizing on the fastest growing and most compelling areas within these segments.  

Gynecology Market: Many women are delaying childbirth, becoming obese, or have other pathological conditions of the cervix and uterus. CuroGyn addresses these market trends by providing a new generation of minimally invasive surgical devices that simplify the procedure, allow the procedure to be performed in a more efficient and patient-friendly environment such outpatient centers and physician offices, and reduce overall procedural costs.  

Endourology Market: In the U.S. 7% of women and 13% of men are diagnosed with kidney stones at least once during their life. The U.S. population is aging and in combination with sedentary lifestyles and eating habits that are contributing to increasing obesity rates, kidney stone prevalence continues to rise.  Currently, there are two primary methods of treating kidney stones:

  1. Non-invasive intervention (extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL) or ultrasound stone destruction)
  2. Minimally invasive intervention known as retrograde flexible ureteroscopy (flexible scope) with laser fiber lithotripsy

Recent studies have shown that the flexible ureteroscopy approach is clearly more successful in achieving stone-free rates after one procedure session relative to the non-invasive ESWL approach.  As a result, there is an increasing demand for flexible ureteroscopes and laser fibers. 

Currently, the overall procedural costs are straining healthcare facility budgets due to

  • High cost of instrument acquisition,
  • Frequent and expensive repairs, and
  • Time-consuming, ongoing maintenance and reprocessing (cleaning and sterilization).  Healthcare facilities are now demanding more economical solutions. 

CuroGyn addresses these market opportunities with its new products for minimally-invasive surgical treatments for gynecology and