CuroGyn Solutions, Inc. was formed by Sanovas, Inc. to commercialize core technologies that offer new innovations in Urology and Gynecology science for the diagnosis and treatment of male/female urinary tract and reproductive diseases.  CuroGyn’s technologies were developed with the primary goals in Urology and Gynecology to make procedures easier to perform, shorten procedure times, enable conversion of hospital-based procedures to outpatient/office-based procedures, enhance access to minimally invasive surgical procedures, and significantly reduce healthcare delivery costs.

Modular Digital Disposable Flexible Ureteroscope

The treatment of kidney stones continues to rise as the population ages, unhealthy eating habits persist, and changing lifestyles limit physical activity.

Today, we have two primary surgical treatments for kidney stones: non-invasive ESWL extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy (ESWL) which uses ultrasound to break up stones and minimally invasive flexible retrograde ureteroscopy (employment of a flexible ureteroscope).  Recent data favors the minimally invasive approach due to its superior stone-free rates (eliminating stones in one session) outcomes.



CuroGyn has developed a 9Fr. by 675mm modular digital disposable flexible ureteroscope design that provides high-quality imaging at a fraction of the cost of competitive ureteroscopes as well as the added expense of supporting visualization components (e.g., light sources, light cables, camera boxes, camera heads, etc.).  This innovative modular scope design isolates the segment of the scope that most frequently breaks (the flexible shaft) from the ergonomic handle whereby replacement of this component is simple and inexpensive relative to the issues illustrated above for traditional reusable flexible ureteroscopes (and is a more economical option than the competitive fully disposable flexible ureteroscopes).  In summary, the CuroGyn modular digital disposable flexible ureteroscope offers the following advantages. 

  • Low equipment acquisition costs
  • Ready-to-use pre-packaged and sterilized shafts
  • Minimal maintenance
  • No major repair costs.
  • Highly ergonomic design

The CuroGyn flexible ureteroscope solution promotes improved efficiency and lower overall procedural costs.

Modular Digital Hysteroscope

The CuroGyn specially designed modular digital hysteroscope offers significant benefits for both the doctor and patient.  

  • We are leveraging our core digital chip technology to produce a hysteroscope that offers superior resolution while minimizing the size and supporting visualization components (e.g., light sources, light cables, camera boxes, camera heads, etc.) thereby reducing expensive surgical space requirements, high acquisition costs, and ongoing maintenance costs.
  • Digital chip technology has proven to be highly durable relative to either rod lens or fiberoptic designed endoscopes.  
  • We have engineered our hysteroscope to be modular: reusable control handle mated to three interchangeable shafts; one for strictly diagnostic procedures, one for operative procedures, and a third to facilitate trending intrauterine tissue removal (morcellation) procedures.  Fourthly, each shaft has been optimized in functionality and in size to ensure successful application in virtually all female anatomical variations and all surgical site settings.  This is especially critical as more and more hysteroscopic procedures move to office environments where the patient is awake during the procedure.  Lastly, our hysteroscope is extremely user-friendly and requires minimal training to operate.

It is noteworthy to mention that employing digital chip technology allows for some very innovative programming of desired imaging and image capturing features that will significantly enhance the diagnosis, treatment, and managing of kidney stones and intrauterine pathologies.